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Toniq Transforms Brands

Whether repositioning, revitalizing, or creating a new brand, our approach is a unique combination of
deep, powerful resources that lays the foundation for brand success on your terms.

At Toniq, we interpret the cultural signs that give your brand context, defining and redefining
its equities for maximum consumer impact. Clear, concise, with extraordinary relevance and depth.

Smart. Compelling. Transformative. Toniq.


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Visual Positioning

Our Powerful Practice of Strategic Brand Alignment

Visual Positioning's Importance

Visual Positioning is a strategic practice created by Toniq to align a brand’s visual language with its written positioning. It’s important because people experience brands primarily visually…READ MORE

Case History: VENUS

Creating the World’s #1 Female Razor

Brand Innovation Case History

Trends we reviewed indicated that women viewed hair removal as foundational beauty, not just a functional chore. They also viewed their shower time as pampering time, so…READ MORE

Naming Brands

All about brands and their names.


So it’s been since 2015, and here we on at the start of 2017 and I know that’s a lotta dog years in business, but I’m looking for Datamonitor Consumer… READ MORE