If you go to Japan, you’ll notice the country’s fascination with the Kit Kat bar (Nestlé Japan). There are flavors you would never imagine – kinako (soy bean powder), strawberry cheesecake, wasabi, green tea, and purple sweet potato just to name a few. But the obsession goes beyond just the unique flavors. The world’s first Kit Kat specialty store, Kit Kat Chocolatery, opened in the Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store about a year ago. And just this week, they’ve just opened their fourth shop in Japan in Kyoto at the Daimaru Kyoto Department Store. This new one comes with a full eat-in cafe. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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Although Kit Kat has their own shops, the fascination can be felt everywhere. Take a look as what some cafés and restaurants have dreamed up on their menus – all using Kit Kat. (thanks Rocket News)

Bio Ojiyan Café, Tokyo – baked Kit Kat


Grandma’s Georges Omotesando, Tokyo – sweet potato pie a la mode with baked Kit Kats


Mokuola Dexee Diner Uilani, Tokyo – need I say more?



And Nestlé Japan is no dummy. They saw the trend in baked Kit Kats and produced their own bake at home Kit Kat product. “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats Custard Pudding Flavor” (Kit Kat Mini Yaite Oishi Purin Aji) is a packet of 13 mini Kit Kat bars you put in the toaster oven to warm before enjoying.


So aside from all the unique Kit Kat flavors only to be found in Japan, you can rest assured that the Kit Kat craze is not slowing down anytime soon. If you make it over to Japan, my suggestion is to hit your local convenience store (combini) and check out all the flavors then hit up the Kit Kat Chocolatory. Who doesn’t love a “break”?