2602, 2015

Massimo Vignelli Celebrated In New Exhibit

If you have had to use the NY Subway map, you are looking at a Vignelli design, well one that he updated in 2008. If you have shopped at Bloomingdale’s, you own a piece of […]

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2502, 2015

Did You Notice New York Times Magazine’s New Logo?

To be honest, I did not notice the new logo and I am a weekly Sunday reader of the New York Times Magazine. The new redesign was introduced in print on Sunday, Feb. 22. The […]

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2402, 2015

The Hipster Alphabet

It’s witty. It’s funny. It’s sterotypical. And it’s pretty on point, especially in design. And as his page states in fine print, “The Hipster Alphabet is a self-driven project to help Michael Mahaffey better understand […]

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2302, 2015

Café ArtScience Specializes In Edible Experiments

Café ArtScience is not your ordinary cafe. It is an experience with innovation and creativity at its core. Here, you can order a glass of whiskey vapor, inhale chocolate, and eat ice cream with skin like a […]

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2002, 2015

Miss The Matisse Show At The MOMA? Don’t Worry NYTimes Will Take You There

February 10 was the last chance to see New york’s  Museum of Modern Art’s “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs”. The show amassed a collection of roughly 100 of the artist’s painted-paper works — the largest and most extensive presentation […]

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1902, 2015

Pizza Hut Nail Polish…Seriously?

Sorry, but some product promotions just don’t make sense. Pizza Hut Australia debuted a like of nail polish inspired by their pizza creations. Seriously. The chain is offering up 35 sets of polish with punny names […]

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1802, 2015

Digital Art Finally Gaining Momentum and Attention

“Digital art is a term and a practice that has been prevalent in the museums and contemporary art sectors since the 1960s. As technological advances mean that digital innovations are now pervading many more areas […]

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1702, 2015

Heinz Jumps On The Sriracha Trend

Sriracha may have started as a staple hot sauce for Asian dishes. However, it was soon the hipster’s favorite condiment which led to a trend of addingSriracha to just about everything which in turn led […]

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1602, 2015

Nissan Unveils Glow In The Dark Leaf

This is brilliant! Working together with Hamish Scott, the inventor of Starpath, a kind of paint that is able to absorb ultraviolet energy in the day to allow it to glow, Nissan’s glow in the dark […]

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1302, 2015

Sissel Tolaas: An Alphabet For The Nose

“Smell is a highly elusive phenomenon. Odours, unlike colors, for instance, cannot be named – at least not in European languages. ‘It smells like…’, we have to say when describing an odour, groping to […]

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