1912, 2014


Just in time for the holidays….SKYY Vodka partnered with Mode Design Group to bring that fresh thinking to life through a limited-edition bottle uniquely designed for bottle service (but also available at stores). What evolved […]

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1812, 2014

For Color and Puzzle Lovers Only

Looking for a challenge? Test your knowledge of colors and hues by trying to complete this 1000-piece jigsaw that is inspired by the CMYK color gamut. Created by artist Clemens Habicht and co-produced by Lamington Drive Editions, ‘1000 […]

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1712, 2014

Samsung May Have Just Won Wearable Tech With Gear Circle

Wearable tech is on everyone’s radar. But it seems that everyone is doing a bracelet. In reality, do we really need to replace our watch with a “smart watch”? Do you want your watch or […]

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1612, 2014

Samsung Gets Festive With Jingle Beards

Hmm…interesting marketing tactic from Samsung to get into the holiday spirit (or someone may have had one too many spirits). What do you think of these Beard Baubles? Are we going to start seeing this […]

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1512, 2014

Make Your Skin Your New Tablet With Cicret

This is a bit sci-fi and a bit James Bond. Are you ready to use your arm as your touchscreen? Think back 20 years ago. Where did you imagine technology to be. It sounds cliché […]

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1212, 2014

Cereal Killer Cafe

Who said cereal was just for breakfast? Well it has been proven in the US at least that there is a decline in cereal consumption for breakfast. However, over the pond in London, 2 twin […]

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1112, 2014

Coca-Cola To Launch Premium Milk In 2015

Yes, you heard right. Coca-Cola, the soda giant, is entering the milk market with Fairlife Milk. Fairlife will cost twice as much as regular milk as it is positioned as a “better for you” premium […]

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1012, 2014

This Is How You Sell A House

How do you sell a house? A listing, a few open houses, a virtual online tour? Netherland company Huizen Promotor has found a thrilling way to sell a house; just add a roller coaster! Give your […]

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912, 2014

65,000 Watch Parts Suspended To Create Surreal Installation

Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen and Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT have created an art installation that breathes life and magic into the main plates- the main movement plate that forms the foundation of all […]

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812, 2014

Give Your Nails A Sugar Rush With OPI’s Coca-Cola Collection

OPI, the nail polish company, has teamed up with Coca-Cola for its 128th anniversary to bring the flavors of Coca-Cola to your nails in a collection called Icons Of Happiness. This may seem like an […]

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