2507, 2014

Summer Reading That’s Coffee Table Worthy


MCX launches its new book series, Material Innovation.

Product Design presents carefully selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. The authors focus on specific product categories that include grown […]

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2407, 2014

Oreo Cookie Limited Edition Flavors Are Unique, Creative And A Little Crazy!

I was grocery shopping yesterday and noticed the insane amount of limited edition flavors by Oreo right now. The first one that first caught my eye was Oreo Limeade.

Limeade? Didn’t sound very enticing to me […]

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2307, 2014

Ikea Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Stores

This. Is. So. Good. Be sure to click through to the original post.

via Bookoisseur

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2307, 2014

Can A “Universal Typeface” Be Created? BIC Is Trying With The World’s Help

 BIC, the ballpoint pen brand, has launched a digital crowdsourcing campaign in an effort to create a universal typeface.  The universal typeface experiment asks people from around the world to submit their hand drawn […]

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2207, 2014

All Aboard! KitKat Wrappers Double As Train Tickets In Japan

This KitKat wrapper is actually a train ticket. Train travelers in northern Japan can use KitKat as train tickets as part of a pioneering scheme to rejuvenate tourism in a part of the country devastated by […]

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2107, 2014

Game of Thrones: Barbie-Style

Oh yes they did. Or rather “he” did. Mr Jim Rodda in Wisconsin has created some clothes every aspiring princess and Game of Thrones aficionada can get into. The Faire Play Armor Set is […]

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2107, 2014

Turning Color Into Sound

Have you ever heard colors? Synesthesia is the technical term to describe our senses crossing so we can hear color, taste sounds, see numbers as colors, etc. Some people have the inherent ability to do […]

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1807, 2014

Customization Is All About Hacking The Menu

Ever wonder what the “secret menu” is? Or ever want to create your own concoction that’s made to order? Well, did you know that most fast food restaurants have a “secret menu” and a lot […]

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1707, 2014

It Took A Rocket Scientist To Design A Pan To Boil Water Faster

Ideas come from everywhere. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of one’s own frustration to drive innovation and it actually took a rocket scientist to figure this one out: How to redesign the standard […]

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1607, 2014

Cork Is The New Black

Cork is having its moment as the “it” material in the fashion world. Cork is generally considered eco-friendly and is a sustainable material as each tree can harvest cork every nine years with a total […]

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1507, 2014

Wave The Monster Flag – New Logo Redesign Lives In Motion

This may be the first logo redesign that is created purely for the digital landscape. I love that they, Monster and Siegel+Gale, have designed an animated logo that is constantly in motion. Monster.com, is one of the leading online […]

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1407, 2014

From Mani and Pedi’s to the Living Room and Kitchen


Now you can have your favorite nail polish on the walls of your home. Ace Hardware, the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the industry, and OPI, the world’s premier professional nail lacquer brand, have […]

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1107, 2014

Fragrance Jeans: Colorful and Fruity

This is wearable tech of another sort! Just in time for summer, Portuguese fashion brand Salsa has introduced its Collette Fragrance Jeans range. A collection of denim imbued with fruity smells. Fragrance jeans are available in green, pink, […]

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1007, 2014

Pepsi’s New Twist


PepsiCo teamed up with glass maker O-I New Product Development and Innovation to redesign the glass bottle by giving it a literal twist. The “Twist” bottle, according to its creators, aims to evoke nostalgia in older consumers while appearing cool to younger […]

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707, 2014

Starbucks White Cup Contest

“The cups are such a great canvas because you can try an abstract design and just keep adding to it,” said Briar Waterman, creative director for Starbucks digital team. “The design variations can be […]

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407, 2014

Evolution of The US Flag

Happy 4th Of July! Here’s a look at how the design of the US flag has evolved since 1767.

Via: Fast Company

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307, 2014

What Does Flavor Look And Feel Like?

In an attempt to show how Schwartz Flavour Shots, a new product launch, actually feels and tastes, director Chris Cairns composed The Sound of Taste. This is a what he describes as a kinetic installation or a ‘Sonic […]

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1401, 2014

Twitter Has 80% of World Leaders On-Board

According to The Realtime Report, 80% of the world’s political leaders are on Twitter. Not bad. Even if they may be assistants who post the actual tweets. One thing about politics: it’s always difficult […]

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2412, 2013

Self Cleaning Clothing

This is a really cool Kickstarter project caled Silic. Silic makes t-shirts that are waterproof and stain resistant. That white tee will always be white! It is…

“Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. Ultra Soft, […]

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