503, 2015

Is Growing Biodegradable Clothes The Future?

Is this the future of fashion? Growing our own textiles in an effort to be more sustainable could be where we are headed. Suzanne Lee, the director of Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and […]

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403, 2015

Southwest Airlines Colorful New Branding

As if budget air travel couldn’t be more stressful these days, Southwest has implemented a colorful re-branding that hopes to cheer you up. From the planes to the tickets to the pretzels and nuts, everything […]

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303, 2015

Nick Smith’s Psycolourgy – Fine Art Created By Pantone Chip

Artist Nick Smith’s first solo show, Psycolourgy, at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery features his impressive recreations of masters’ paintings with custom individual Pantone Color Chips. Nick has re-worked pieces from several major artists including Francis […]

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203, 2015

3D-Printed Snacks Grow Their Own Fillings

It is exactly as it sounds. “Edible Growth”, food and concept designer Chloé Rutzerveld was looking for a way for 3D printed food to be more than paste recreated into edible shapes. She wanted to find a […]

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2702, 2015

Rave On! Glow-In-The Dark Ice Cream

Melbourne-based scoop shop 196 Below created cool, glow-in-the-dark ice cream inspired by raves. It’s made with totally safe “UV-reactive liquid coloring” and it’s also vegan (dairy-free) and contains no preservatives.

I think I’l go with Pine Lime.  Which radioactive […]

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2602, 2015

Massimo Vignelli Celebrated In New Exhibit

If you have had to use the NY Subway map, you are looking at a Vignelli design, well one that he updated in 2008. If you have shopped at Bloomingdale’s, you own a piece of […]

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2502, 2015

Did You Notice New York Times Magazine’s New Logo?

To be honest, I did not notice the new logo and I am a weekly Sunday reader of the New York Times Magazine. The new redesign was introduced in print on Sunday, Feb. 22. The […]

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2402, 2015

The Hipster Alphabet

It’s witty. It’s funny. It’s sterotypical. And it’s pretty on point, especially in design. And as his page states in fine print, “The Hipster Alphabet is a self-driven project to help Michael Mahaffey better understand […]

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2302, 2015

Café ArtScience Specializes In Edible Experiments

Café ArtScience is not your ordinary cafe. It is an experience with innovation and creativity at its core. Here, you can order a glass of whiskey vapor, inhale chocolate, and eat ice cream with skin like a […]

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2002, 2015

Miss The Matisse Show At The MOMA? Don’t Worry NYTimes Will Take You There

February 10 was the last chance to see New york’s  Museum of Modern Art’s “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs”. The show amassed a collection of roughly 100 of the artist’s painted-paper works — the largest and most extensive presentation […]

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