2811, 2014

Michael Kors Does A Collection With…Duracell

Fashion meets technology, literally. New York City-based fashion designer, Michael Kors,  has teamed up with Duracell to create new range of high-tech accessories, including phone chargers, cases, and ear buds. Priced from $58 to $140, these […]

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2611, 2014

Aposematic Jacket Has Its Eyes On You

Korean design studio, Shinseungback Kimyonghun, has created a jacket covered in cameras. The vision was to create a jacket that would ward off or capture the image of assailants. With the push of a button, the […]

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2511, 2014

How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals

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2511, 2014

Punch It Out

European design studio Bless has created a computer that lets you literally punch out the words. Founders of Bless, Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaagin, have created the ‘Punching Bag Computer’. It is a spin on the […]

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2411, 2014

Food Maps Illustrated With…What Else, Food

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin have been photographing  food in unique ways for over a decade. Food Maps “were inspired by a passion for travel.  Exploring new places through the food you eat is often […]

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2111, 2014

The Glass Age Is Here And Corning Is Leading The Way

We are living in “The Glass Age” and Corning is leading the movement. You probably don’t realize how much you interact with Corning glass on a daily basis. They are responsible for protecting the majority […]

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2011, 2014

Smart Highway Designer Creates Glowing Bike Path Inspired By Van Gogh

Artist Daan Roosegaarde is the creator of the smart highway. He uses special paints created by Heijmans Infrastructure that only appear in cold or wet weather. The goal is to make smart roads by using light, energy and road […]

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1911, 2014

Living In Style In A Micro Apartment

We know New York apartments can be a bit tight based on what most people can afford and it’s tough to make a small space cool and livable. This is a 325 square foot apartment […]

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1811, 2014

KFC Gets Slick Upmarket Makeover In The UK

Does this look like KFC to you? KFC is testing out a new business strategy to compete with similar places like Dixy Chicken, redesigning the interiors of its UK restaurants to align it with slightly more […]

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1711, 2014

Only In Japan…McDonald’s Has A Jumbo Supersize Drink

Here in the US soda sales are on the decline as sugar is touted as the most evil ingredient you can ingest by health nuts, doctors and even some politicians. We want to limit soda sizes […]

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1411, 2014

What’s Old Is New Again…Hemingwrite

Again, we crave designs of the past integrated with technology of now. Hemingwrite is a perfect example.

“The Hemingwrite is-a single purpose, distraction-free writing composition device. It combines the simplicity of a 90s era word processor with […]

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1311, 2014

Metro AR-T, A NYC Metro Card Art Experience

Metro AR-T is a an interactive augmented reality experience for New York straphangers. Metro AR-T features the work of New York City artists viewable through an app which when launched and placed in front of a […]

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1211, 2014

Custom 3D Printed Earphones (Brilliantly Odd Video Included)

There’s nothing quite normal about Normal. Normal creates custom-fitted, 3D printed earphones made specifically for your ears so you don’t lose a beat, a note or have earphones that fall out of your ears. The […]

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1111, 2014

Sniff Your Way Around The World With The Scent Globe At Heathrow

Want to take a sensory trip around the world? Just visit Heathrow Airport’s new “Scent Globe” in Terminal 2. Passengers with some time to kill can get a whiff of five countries,Thailand, China, Japan, Brazil […]

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1011, 2014

3D Printed Food For The Troops

With rescue robots, bionic arms, and microscopic drones on the docket, it seems the military is no stranger to far-our futuristic technologies. But this time they’ve gone after a concept straight out of science fiction: 3-D printed […]

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711, 2014

Whole Foods Goes Digital Down South

It is always interesting to see how stores will incorporate digital experiences to engage and hopefully enhance the shopper experience.

Whole Foods’ new flagship store in Alpharetta, GA is pushing the limits for how shoppers interact with […]

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611, 2014

Wearable Experiments: May The Jacket Be Your Guide

Paris, New York, London, etc – so much to see, do and explore! the most difficult thing is navigating your way to all the exciting things Paris has to offer. Navigate is an “urban way finding jacket” […]

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511, 2014

Paris Has A Bike Sharing Program For Kids

P’tit Vélib’ was launched in June by Vélib’, the original bike sharing company.  P’tit Vélib’ allows families to rent 4 different types of bikes for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years in parks around […]

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411, 2014

“Likelihood of Confusion” – A Branded Exhibit

Alfred Steiner’s latest exhibition “Likelihood of Confusion,” now on display at NYC’s Joshua Liner Gallery is aptly named as he recreates iconic logos with found imagery. There’s immediate recognition to the logos but as you explore […]

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311, 2014

Hello Kitty Con Gets L.A. All Kitty’d Up

This past weekend was the first every Hello Kitty Con in LA. The Hello Kitty Con celebrates Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary with a global gathering of fans and friends to celebrate all things Hello Kitty. The […]

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3110, 2014

You’ll Rethink Pixar Films Thanks To Bloop

Bloop animation makes some insightful findings in Pixar films. Did you know that all of Pixar’s films are connected?

And do you know why their films and characters are so compelling?

I agree that you have to […]

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3010, 2014

McDonald’s Cup Sizes Around The World Don’t Measure Up

McDonald’s cup sizes around the world may not measure up but it is a great reflection of the culture. I mean we know they tailor their menu to local flavors, but this size thing seems kind of […]

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2910, 2014

The Psychology Of Colour Pencil Set

“This box knows that colours are connected to the chords of our souls.”

From The School Of Life, comes a box of colored pencils named aptly for the emotions they convey. The set also includes a booklet […]

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2810, 2014

First Ever Pop-Up Cocktail Menu

Designed for Savoy Hotel’s Beaufort Bar, the incredible hand rafted menu is filled with pop-up illustrations of the cocktails.  It opens up to show all the ingredients that are used in the fancy concoctions. This work of art […]

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2710, 2014

Trending: Sriracha Is Hotter Then Ever

Sriracha, aka “the rooster sauce”, has been the hot choice for Asians for years and hipsters have been dousing it on pretty much everything for a minute now too. But the Sriracha craze has gotten even […]

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2410, 2014

There’s A New Species Of Flowers: Tiffanie Turner

These paper flowers created by San Francisco based artist, Tiffanie Turner, are truly incredible in form and size. At first glance you think they are real; then you pan out and see the sheer magnitude […]

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2310, 2014

Back To The Future: The Hoverboard Is Real

Do you remember wanting a overboard after watching Michael J Fox in Back to the Future? Well, you can now and you don’t have to go  back to 1989.

The ‘Hendo Hoverboard’ is the “world’s first […]

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2210, 2014

The New Hyper-Color: Interacket

On Monday we told you about a jacket, SCOTTeVEST, that can hold all your tech and gadgets. And last week, we told you about a light that changes into any color you squeeze it on, ColorUp. […]

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2110, 2014

Around The World In 80 Ice Cream Flavors

We all have a favorite right? Does your flavor live up to your area? Mine is mint chocolate chip and red bean is a close second. I am a true hybrid.

Click to enlarge.


source: Design Taxi 


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2010, 2014

A Jacket To Carry All Your Tech

You probably carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go. How many of you also carry an iPad, headphones, bluetooth ear piece, USB and charger just in case you run low on juice, keys, wallet, […]

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1710, 2014

This Ferrari Gets Painted By A Wind Tunnel Of Color

If you could do anything to a 2015 Ferrari California T, what would you do? Artist Fabian Oefner put this Ferrari in a wind tunnel and sprayed it down with various colors of UV paint which shot […]

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1610, 2014

Limited Edition Snacks From Frito-Lay Japan Get Very Sophisticated Flavors

October is an exciting month for snackers in Japan. Frito-Lay Japan is releasing 5 limited edition flavors to their already robust portfolio of snacks. These flavors are indicative of the sophisticated palette of Japanese millennials.

Camambert & […]

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1510, 2014

ColorUp: Squeeze And Change This Lights Color

This just might be one of the coolest interactive lights ever. ColorUp, is a lamp that you squeeze and it changes color to mimic what you set it on…kind of like a chameleon that you […]

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1410, 2014

Pepsi Gets In On The Craft Beverage Trend: Caleb’s Kola

Craft brews have been a thing for a minute now. Artisanal breweries and growler stations are on every main street in hipster town America. To get in on the millennial led trend, Pepsi has created their […]

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1010, 2014

Your Future Wallet Is One Digital Card

Are you one of those people with at least 3 or 4 or more credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, etc. in your wallet at any given time? Within the next year, your wallet has […]

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910, 2014

Trending: Technology and Wood

With so much technology in our everyday life it seems almost ironic that we crave accessories for our technology made with nature, wood in particular. This trend is a way for people to connect the […]

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810, 2014

Isabella Vacchi – A Photographic Feast For The Senses

Italian photographer Isabella Vacchi curates sets with food that are magically transformed into a feast for our senses.  Her attention to detail and color is visible in every image. She is only 22 years old and by […]

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710, 2014

GE’s Melting Points

This is a stunning video by GE showing the melting points of different objects. And if you didn’t know, GE makes parts for jet engines like the GE9X, which powers the Boeing 777X and where […]

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610, 2014

Ikea’s Motivational Mirror

Ikea is enhancing the in-store experience, in at least one store in the UK, with a talking motivational mirror. It’s a bit like Snow White but always positive.  After a study, Ikea UK discovered the […]

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310, 2014

Original Unverpackt (Unpacked): Package Free Grocery Store

In Germany, Original Unverpackt (Original Unpacked ), is an innovative supermarket where nothing is packaged. You have to bring your own bottles, bags, boxes, etc. or buy or lease containers or use the recycled paper bags and […]

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210, 2014

Cola Wars: Pepsi’s Version Of Coca-Cola Life

Did you ever take the Pepsi Challenge? Did you know that the Pepsi Challenge has been happening since 1975? And ultimately, the cola wars have not ended. Recently we told you about Coca-Cola Life, the reduced-calorie cola, […]

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110, 2014

Scented Milk Is A Real Thing In Japan

Meiji, the major dairy and confectionary company in Japan, did a study on the decline of milk consumption and realized that many people didn’t like the smell of milk. So in turn, Meiji has decided […]

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3009, 2014

Pantone Spring 2015 Color Forecast

Fashion Week is finally over and the Pantone color verdict is out for Spring 2015. “This season there is a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum.”

“An eclectic, ethereal mix of […]

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2909, 2014

Clever Ads By Delhi Based Food App

This Delhi based food app company called Zomato has some very simple and clever ads showcasing the difference in people’s eating habits to then and now in technology. It’s fun, witty and visually all very […]

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2609, 2014

Print The Legend – A Documentary Exploring The 3D Printing Movement

I am really excited to see this documentary. Having been fascinated with 3D printing for several years, this documentary explores and explains the culture of the movement which is happening at warp speed. Ten, maybe […]

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2509, 2014

Trending: Graffiti In The Beverage Aisle

Recently I have noticed a resurgence of graffiti inspired packaging from beverage companies.  There have been graffiti style packages for years from soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol and spirit brand and even bottles water but it […]

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2409, 2014

Scented Duck Tape – Would You Like Cupcake, Mint Or Lemon?

Duck Tape to me is one of the best creations ever. It’s my go-to fix it tool for just about anything. And what do you know? Now they have a collection, Duck Tape Scents. Really? Really. […]

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2309, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld And His Cat Launch A Daily Newspaper

Who said print is dead? 81-year-old fashion icon, Karl Lagerfled, and his cat, Choupette, believe the world needs more news in print. The Karl Daily debuts with the headline “Haute off the Press”.  It’s an impressive […]

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2209, 2014

Gucci Beauty Wins With Beautiful Packaging

“Finally Gucci is entering the world of color cosmetics, and is doing so with a truly special collection that is quintessentially Gucci,” said Joanne Crewes, P&G Prestige President.

“For me, beauty and fashion are always connected. […]

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1909, 2014

Trending: Collaborations From Unexpected Partners

Right now everyone seems to be involved in some type of creative and innovative collaboration. Some of the more interesting ones are from unexpected partners…crossing industry lines and broadening audiences. Here are a few favorites […]

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1809, 2014

Made You Look: Creativity In The Digital Age

Made You Look is a documentary exploring the emerging and fast-growing DIY arts scene in the UK amidst all the technology around us. Director Anthony Peters and Paul O’Connor take a look at the juxtaposed culture that is happening […]

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1709, 2014

Luxury Tin Can Pop Up Restaurant

This pop-up restaurant in London only serves the finest canned foods from around the world. This is a culinary experiment brought to you by architecture and design practice AL_A. Tincan aims to source and showcase the finest canned seafood […]

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1609, 2014

Florentijn Hofman’s Work Make People Smile…Here’s Why

Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, has three drivers to his creations: humor, sensation and to make a maximum impact. If you are not familiar with his work, you should read on…He likes to make very, very large sculptures […]

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1509, 2014

A Chocolate Tea Pot. Why Not?

This teapot is made entirely of dark chocolate. I think it can only handle a couple of times of brewing, but nonetheless, why not? The result, tea with a hint of chocolate. See for yourself.

By […]

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1209, 2014

Coming Full Circle: A Butcher, A Restaurant And A Leather Goods Shop

We’ve all heard about farm to table, now take that one step further to create a fully vertical chain of sustainability by adding a leather goods shop made from the hides of the animals that are […]

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1109, 2014

Trending: Innovative & Unexpected Foods

Roaming around the local farmer’s markets and boutique shops around New York, there’s really a lot of cool, new and mostly small-batch products out. This got me into a worm-hole looking for unique, unexpected yet enticing […]

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1009, 2014

Nendo Bottles 20 Types Of Rain

Japanese design firm Nendo has bottled 20 different types of rain into acrylic bottles. For the 2014 fall Paris edition of maison et objet, the theme was ‘words’. Creatives from around the world were asked to consider […]

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909, 2014

Would You Pay $2.2Million For An iPhone 6?

As Apple announces the new gadgets to be released this week, one luxury company already has the iPhone 6 custom designed for you. American luxury retailer, Falcon, already has a bespoke collection of the iPhone […]

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809, 2014

Nike Genealogy of Innovation…43 Years In Less Than 2 Minutes

Nike has always been the leader of innovation when it comes to performance and this video definitely captures their history as a leader in a very creative way. This film is brought to you by […]

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509, 2014

Students Reimagine The Cognac Experience For Remy Martin

Rémy Martin will be unveiling a selection of new cocktail glass designs as part of Paris Design Week under the theme of “Rémyxologie” – meaning a mix of colors, aromas and materials. The designs have been […]

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409, 2014

Innovation Grows On A Tree: Tree Of 40 Fruit

Not only is this a beautiful tree, this tree really grows 40 types of fruits. Known as the Tree of 40 Fruits, creator Sam Van Aken first started creating this tree as an art project. […]

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309, 2014

Clever Canadian Anti-littering Campaign

It’s funny, witty, and definitely grabs your attention. A series of clever advertisements have been popping up around Toronto urging visitors and residents to keep from littering by reminding them that “littering says a lot about […]

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209, 2014

Wooden Lightbulbs Glow Beautifully

Sounds ironic doesn’t it? A wooden lightbulb? But it is truly beautiful and unique to see the characters of the pine glow. German light bulb maker LEDON worked with Japanese product designer Ryosuke Fukusada to create the Wooden Light Bulb. […]

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2908, 2014

Austin Beerworks 99 Pack. Yes, A 99 Pack Of Beer!

Labor Day Weekend just got better in Austin thanks to Austin Beerworks Peacemaker Anytime Ale 99 Pack. Yes, they actually made a 99 pack of beer. I wonder if the inspiration came from 99 bottle of beer […]

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2808, 2014

Coca-Cola Life Loses The Iconic Red In Its Branding

Does green really work for Coca-Cola? I get they are trying to use green to evoke a “healthier” image since Life is the reduced-calorie cola, sweetened with cane sugar and stevia, but really, this green looks […]

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2708, 2014

Incredible Beaded Kitchen And Backyard

Artist Liza Lou recreated a life-size kitchen and backyard then covered everything including all the goods inside with millions of beads. The Kitchen installation was first shown in 1996 in New York at the New Museum Of […]

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2608, 2014

Estimote: Sticker Beacons To Track Just About Anything

There’s a device to track just about everything these days. The problem is you have to buy a different device for each specific thing. But what if you could just stick a little colorful beacon […]

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2508, 2014

Undercover Colors: A Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs

In the U.S., 18% of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. That’s almost one out of every five women in our country. We may not know who they are, but these women are […]

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2208, 2014

Feast For The Eyes: Color Coded Food and Flowers

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me happy like photographer Emily Blincoe’s  photos of food and plants that are perfectly organized by color. This is not a simple task as she has to collect a variety of […]

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2108, 2014

Robot Delivers Room Service At Cupertino’s Aloft Hotel And Asks For Tweet Tips

Next time you stay at Cupertino’s high-tech Aloft Hotel room service could be delivered by a 3-foot-tall robot. Behold the A.L.O Botlr, aka SaviOne, a robot butler that provides concierge service to guests. The droid bellhop is […]

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2008, 2014

Edible Packaging For Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls

Is the future of sustainable food edible packaging? 

Stonyfield has become the household name for sustainable, organic, healthy dairy food. It has always been Stonyfield’s goal to reduce the amount of packaging in their products and this is how […]

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1908, 2014

Brushing Your Teeth…There’s An App For That Too Thanks To Oral-B

Everything these days seems to be “smart” with  a Bluetooth connection and an app. So why not your toothbrush? The new Oral-B interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and the Oral-B App  is the first […]

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1808, 2014

Beauty, Baked: Estée Lauder Fragrance Flavored Cookie

Scent is a powerful ingredient for our senses that can change our mood, create an ambiance, or even inspire a cookie.

This month, Estée Lauder’s iconic perfume, Private Collection goes from bottle to baked-good, courtesy of Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina […]

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1508, 2014

I ♥ NY Creator, Milton Glaser, Designs Logo For Climate Change

Milton Glaser’s new graphic action is appropriately tagged, “It’s not warming, it’s dying.” With his concern for climate change, Mr.Glaser is taking action and raising awareness by selling buttons of the green fading to black buttons; 5 […]

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1408, 2014

NYC Must Eat Food Fad Of The Month: Payard’s Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Run, don’t walk! This may be a limited time only food fad but I predict it may become a national food trend. We’ve seen how macarons have taken off. Now pair them with some delicious […]

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1308, 2014

Pepsi Spire: You Be The Mixologist

The cola wars are getting more complicated and technical. PEPSI SPIRE is the first digital fountain that lets you personalize your favorite PEPSI brands. Choose your drink and mix in flavor shots all at the ease […]

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1208, 2014

“The Moment We Meet” – A Kinetic Installation Of Facial Expressions

Taiwanese artist Hsin-Chien Huang has created a kinetic installation titled “The Moment We Meet”. Using split-flap displays,  various expressions and emotions are rendered as the board flips through photographic portraits of people when they first meet. Each flap […]

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1108, 2014

America’s Largest Retailer Gets Rebranded. Who? USPS

Graphic design studio GrandArmy has overhauled the signage and packaging for the United States Postal Service in the “largest retail rebrand project in American history”. With over 31,000 retail locations, this makes the USPS the […]

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808, 2014

Classic Kellogg’s Cereals Transformed Into Luxury Clutches By Anya Hindmarch

Bring your own Corn Flakes, Coco Puffs or Frosted Flakes to the next dinner party! For Autumn/Winter 2014, designer Anya Hindmarch has taken Kellogg’s most iconic cereals and added them to the Imperial Clutch collection. These playful clutches are […]

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708, 2014

Beautiful Mix Of Wood And Metal

Industrial designer, Hilla Shamia, melds wood with aluminum to create unique pieces of furniture. You can see where the melted aluminum flows naturally into the wood filling in the negative space. It’s such a beautiful mix of materials.

This […]

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608, 2014

The “AHA” Moment

We’ve all had some “Aha” moments. But did you ever wonder when successful people had theirs? This infographic is a great reminder that the “aha” moment can come at any time, any where.

Source: Entrepreneur 

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508, 2014

Heineken Ignite – Turning Bottles Into A Social Experience


Heineken Ignite: an interactive beer bottle that enhances social interaction, makes every bottle a part of the party and creates a memorable Heineken experience. It was first introduced in 2013. The Ignite 2.0 is slated to […]

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408, 2014

Gone, But Not Forgotten Logos

In the last 20 years, we have seen a lot of companies disappear in the US. These were once household names. The company may be gone, but the logos will forever be a part of the […]

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108, 2014

I Scream, We Scream, We All Scream For Xamaleón? Summer’s Coolest Color Changing Ice Cream

Remember Hypercolor clothing from the 80’s? It looked something like this…

It was a thermo-ink dyed material that would change colors when you put your warm of cold hands to it. Well, 37-year-old Spanish physicist and electronic […]

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3107, 2014

A Voyage Through Iconic Houses

This is a well animated look at some of the most iconic homes made famous by the architects. They all seem so simple when you watch the animation yet they are so unique and detailed in […]

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3007, 2014

Louboutin’s Signature Style Is Now Available For Nails

What brand do you think of when you see red soles and high, high, spike heels? Christian Louboutin of course. He has made spike heels and red soles his signature. Unmistakable in the luxury footwear market […]

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2907, 2014

Emoji Among Us: A Short Documentary

Emoji’s have changed the way we communicate. We can’t ignore the fact that they have become a part of our mobile lexicon. Whether it’s a smiley face, a lightning bolt, a bag of money or […]

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2807, 2014

Marie Claire Brings Excitement Back To The Cover

We know that the digital age has not killed print, especially magazines. And in print, we know the cover is the biggest selling point after the title. The cover has to capture the very short […]

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2507, 2014

Summer Reading That’s Coffee Table Worthy


MCX launches its new book series, Material Innovation.

Product Design presents carefully selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. The authors focus on specific product categories that include grown materials, […]

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2407, 2014

Oreo Cookie Limited Edition Flavors Are Unique, Creative And A Little Crazy!

I was grocery shopping yesterday and noticed the insane amount of limited edition flavors by Oreo right now. The first one that first caught my eye was Oreo Limeade.

Limeade? Didn’t sound very enticing to me but […]

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2307, 2014

Ikea Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Stores

This. Is. So. Good. Be sure to click through to the original post.

via Bookoisseur

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2307, 2014

Can A “Universal Typeface” Be Created? BIC Is Trying With The World’s Help

 BIC, the ballpoint pen brand, has launched a digital crowdsourcing campaign in an effort to create a universal typeface.  The universal typeface experiment asks people from around the world to submit their hand drawn letters. […]

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2207, 2014

All Aboard! KitKat Wrappers Double As Train Tickets In Japan

This KitKat wrapper is actually a train ticket. Train travelers in northern Japan can use KitKat as train tickets as part of a pioneering scheme to rejuvenate tourism in a part of the country devastated by the […]

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2107, 2014

Game of Thrones: Barbie-Style

Oh yes they did. Or rather “he” did. Mr Jim Rodda in Wisconsin has created some clothes every aspiring princess and Game of Thrones aficionada can get into. The Faire Play Armor Set is 3D […]

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2107, 2014

Turning Color Into Sound

Have you ever heard colors? Synesthesia is the technical term to describe our senses crossing so we can hear color, taste sounds, see numbers as colors, etc. Some people have the inherent ability to do this. […]

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1807, 2014

Customization Is All About Hacking The Menu

Ever wonder what the “secret menu” is? Or ever want to create your own concoction that’s made to order? Well, did you know that most fast food restaurants have a “secret menu” and a lot of […]

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1707, 2014

It Took A Rocket Scientist To Design A Pan To Boil Water Faster

Ideas come from everywhere. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of one’s own frustration to drive innovation and it actually took a rocket scientist to figure this one out: How to redesign the standard cooking […]

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1607, 2014

Cork Is The New Black

Cork is having its moment as the “it” material in the fashion world. Cork is generally considered eco-friendly and is a sustainable material as each tree can harvest cork every nine years with a total lifespan […]

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1507, 2014

Wave The Monster Flag – New Logo Redesign Lives In Motion

This may be the first logo redesign that is created purely for the digital landscape. I love that they, Monster and Siegel+Gale, have designed an animated logo that is constantly in motion. Monster.com, is one of the leading online employment […]

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1407, 2014

From Mani and Pedi’s to the Living Room and Kitchen


Now you can have your favorite nail polish on the walls of your home. Ace Hardware, the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the industry, and OPI, the world’s premier professional nail lacquer brand, have come […]

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1107, 2014

Fragrance Jeans: Colorful and Fruity

This is wearable tech of another sort! Just in time for summer, Portuguese fashion brand Salsa has introduced its Collette Fragrance Jeans range. A collection of denim imbued with fruity smells. Fragrance jeans are available in green, pink, orange, […]

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1007, 2014

Pepsi’s New Twist


PepsiCo teamed up with glass maker O-I New Product Development and Innovation to redesign the glass bottle by giving it a literal twist. The “Twist” bottle, according to its creators, aims to evoke nostalgia in older consumers while appearing cool to younger buyers. […]

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707, 2014

Starbucks White Cup Contest

“The cups are such a great canvas because you can try an abstract design and just keep adding to it,” said Briar Waterman, creative director for Starbucks digital team. “The design variations can be infinite.”
Waterman […]

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407, 2014

Evolution of The US Flag

Happy 4th Of July! Here’s a look at how the design of the US flag has evolved since 1767.

Via: Fast Company

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307, 2014

What Does Flavor Look And Feel Like?

In an attempt to show how Schwartz Flavour Shots, a new product launch, actually feels and tastes, director Chris Cairns composed The Sound of Taste. This is a what he describes as a kinetic installation or a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’. […]

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1401, 2014

Twitter Has 80% of World Leaders On-Board

According to The Realtime Report, 80% of the world’s political leaders are on Twitter. Not bad. Even if they may be assistants who post the actual tweets. One thing about politics: it’s always difficult to […]

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2412, 2013

Self Cleaning Clothing

This is a really cool Kickstarter project caled Silic. Silic makes t-shirts that are waterproof and stain resistant. That white tee will always be white! It is…

“Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. Ultra Soft, Breathable […]

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3009, 2013

Phone + Book

Are you one of those people that always has your phone out while working? Whether it’s to check an email, the calendar use the calculator or to check a note; we are constatantly connected to […]

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2309, 2013

Designers Anonymous Water Bottle: Don’t Sink The Ship!

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610, 2011

The man who changed the world…

We have come a long way since 1984…

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510, 2011

KAWS XX Hennessy + Social Media = Really Cool Success

I love Kaws. I don’t really drink Hennessy. But together, they have created a really cool collaboration that utilizes social media and QR codes to promote the limited edition bottle. The press release sent […]

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510, 2011

Hot off the Press: Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman

Check out Debbie Millman’s new book (publish date 10/10/2011). Take a look at the the cover! Yes, Toniq’s own, Cheryl Swanson on the cover alongside Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Phil Duncan, Grant McCracken and other […]

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410, 2011

Saints, Bishops, Priests and the Pope are using QR codes!

Or at least they are embracing the technology…
This was just sent to us by Jody Thompson from Thompson Design (pictured). Photo is taken by Dennis Thompson. I scanned the code to find out that this […]

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410, 2011

Own a Color, Save a Child’s Life

Glidden, a Dulux company, has partnered with Unicef in a unique project where you can own a color when you donate at least £1 to Unicef. All the money raised goes directly to Unicef, the […]

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410, 2011

New Balance, newSKY

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…to build an amazing sneaker. As a former sneakerhead who has 2 closets filled with old sneaks, this may have to be another pair to add to the collection. New Balance has always […]

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310, 2011

Toniq Blips Round Up QR Code

Yup…Scan it and see! 

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310, 2011

Purina Beneful – speaking Bark, Squeak and Tail Wag in German

Nestlé Purina has created an entire commercial for the Beneful brand that speaks to dogs directly. The 23 second spot uses three different sounds: a high frequency tone, a squeak that is similar to that […]

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3009, 2011

Friday Fun: Purina Petcentric Friend Fetcher

We are all animal lovers here at Toniq! From hairless cats, mixed cats, big dogs, little pups, chickens, ducks, and the newest edition, a hedgehog, we could have our own Toniq petting zoo! This is […]

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2909, 2011

Beyond Infinity…altered perceptions

“Beyond Infinity” is a multi-sensory installation by french artist, theorist, and architect, Serge Salat. Salat plays with your mind by interweaving mirrors, light, music, and fractal art in an architecture that conflates visitors’ perceptions of space. […]

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2909, 2011

Halls…Immortalized in Cough Drops

Talk about getting rewarded for speaking up! And this is exactly what people want these days – to be heard and rewarded. With the use of social media, like facebook and twitter, it is so […]

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2809, 2011

For the love of Legos and Ford…

A Ford Explorer built entirely of Legos! Design, patience, engineering, physics, and a lot of team work. It took 2,500 hours to build! It will be on display at the new Legoland 150-acre Florida theme […]

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2809, 2011

iPhone 5 may be like an iPhone Air?

If this is any hint to what the new iPhone 5 may look like, it has a simalrity to the MacBook Airs. Remember, this is produced in China where iPhone 5 cases are already being […]

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2709, 2011

Diesel goes Digital with QR codes!

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2709, 2011

General Mills: Up in Smoke With Pot-Linked Brownie Pitch

Hilarious! General Mills targets boomers with this funny Cheech and Chong spot. 

 For the full article, go here: Ad Age

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2709, 2011

The Rise of Can Beer…I blame it on the hipsters!

First I have to admit, I have lived in NY for over 15 years, most of it in the LES. There’s been quite a  chat on PSFK about The Rise Of The Can Beer and 5 […]

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2609, 2011

Commuter Lightsabers in Japan

Okay, this is pretty awesome!!! For the release of the new ‘Star Wars – The Complete Saga’ Blu-ray DVD boxset release, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan installed life-sized lightsabers in place of hand rails in […]

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2309, 2011

Millennials…a videographic

Here’s a glimpse into the millennial immersion at Share. Like. Buy. Marketing to Millennials conference in SF. 

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2209, 2011

Fairmont San Francisco…Pet Menu

I have landed and arrived at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco for the Share Like Buy (Marketing to Millenniels Conference)  and one of the coolest things in the hotel menu is this: 

Yes! a Farimont room […]

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2109, 2011

NYC Urban Spiderweb

If the smell of sausage and peppers, cannolis, and fried clams have not brought you down towards Mulberry St. this week, perhaps this giant colorful spiderweb will. San Gennaro, the annual 10 day long street […]

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2009, 2011

Virtual Grocery Shopping – In Action

A while back we reported on the virtual grocery store in the Korean subway. Now, we’ve come across a video of peopel actually using it. The power of QR codes! Pretty amazing! 

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2009, 2011

Nike Recycling Ads

In a world where recycling is paramount to keep the earth happy and livable spaces, well, livable; we are always encouraged to recycle. From paper to plastics, and now Nike has done it with their […]

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1609, 2011

Nendo Living in Black and White

Nendo is a Canadian born, Japanese architect whose work has been featured at museum spaces around the world. His latest solo show is at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Developemnt Institute.
The show, “Think Black […]

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1509, 2011

Hunting Season Starts…for QR Codes

Last night I was at dinner at an upscale chinese restaurant in Long Island, Philippe Chow. When I got the menu, I was surprised to see on the bottom corner a QR code! Yes, on […]

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1409, 2011

Amazing Test of Color Blindness & Anna Wintour

Why is color so important? Because we may not all see exactly the same. I came across this incredible test of color blindness and it struck a chord with me on why color is so […]

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1309, 2011

Are you socializing?

There is a great report out by Nielsen that disects where we play online, who participates and what we are doing. Here’s just a glimpse:

For the full report, go here: Nielsen Social Media Report

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1209, 2011

All about COLOR! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY2012

So far, every show is proving that COLOR is back! Bright colors and lots of color blocking. Toniq Orange looks like it’s going to be a big color for the season. From BCBGMaxAzria to Diane […]

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909, 2011

COLORSTROLOGY – Have some Friday fun!

Click above to be taken to your COLORSTROLOGY. 

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809, 2011

Beer Goggles! See what happens…

This is an incredible interactive video that shows you reality vs. beer goggles on a night out! Roll your mouse over the video to see the beer goggle version of what’s going on in the […]

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709, 2011

Courrèges for Evian’s 50th Anniversary

What’s with all the fashion designers and their drinks? We have seen Karl Lagerfeld, Nathalie Rykiel to Roberto Cavalli, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac all design for for Diet Coke.  And now, we have André Courrèges designing […]

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609, 2011

Boardwalk Empire Vintage Trains in NYC

Talk about experiential marketing! This is a pretty impressive campaign from HBO for Boardwalk Empire. Throughout the month of September, a vintage 1920s subway train will run along the 2/3 express line in New York […]

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209, 2011

PopSop: Trends Driving Innovations in Packaging

To Read the article on PopSop, Click Here. 

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109, 2011

Stay Colorful, Cheer!

WOW! I happened to stumble across the Cheer detergent page via Facebook and did a serious double-take! You know we are serious about color here at Toniq, and this is pretty cool. Cheer is really […]

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3108, 2011

Build & Write: DIY Pen

This is pretty cool! The best part is everything comes in this one flat sheet. I love the part where you heat the rubber to form around the pen.

DIY Pen from FRASER ROSS on Vimeo.

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3008, 2011

The King and Quaker Makes It Your Way

As we have all read recently, the King has caught “Whole Foods Fever’ and is trying to offer up healthier alternatives to the “have it your way” burgers. The newest offering is a collaborative effort […]

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2508, 2011

NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zone


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2508, 2011

Great Words from Steve Jobs

With the announcement that Steve Jobs is finally taking time to take care of himself, we thought we’d share his great words of technology wisdom. 
“Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal […]

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2408, 2011

Consumers Digest: Color Our World


Check out Cheryl Swanson’s comment in Consumer’s Digest, Color Our World. 
Read the article here: Consumers Digest Color Our World

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2408, 2011

Seventh Generation – Leading the cardboard pack!

USA today first announced back in March that the maker of non-toxic household cleaners, Seventh Genration, was soon to be rolling out this innovative new cardboard jug that uses 66% less plastic than regular detergent […]

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2308, 2011

WSJ: The Human Preservation Project

Wrigley Targets Web Gamers Company Aims to Build Buzz for Its 5 Brand of Gum as Players Chew on Its Alternate-Reality Clues By JULIE JARGON 

In May, Aaron Allar saw an ad on the […]

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1908, 2011

Gulp. It’s Friday! Enjoy!

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.
The world’s largest stop-motion animation was recently created using the 12-megapixel cellphone camera on the Nokia N8.
Gulp is the […]

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1808, 2011

Sleep No More

Macbeth meets Hitchcock. Mark Romanek directing Trent Reznor. Paolo Reversi photographs coming to life.

This is the best way to describe the experience of Sleep No More, a theatrical adventure like none I have seen before. […]

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1708, 2011

It’s time to get Nice! (with a side of TP)

Are we ready to start buying dry goods groceries at Wallgreens? I guess it’s “Nice!” to have the option to pick up cotton balls, some advil, oh and a few cans of soup and dried […]

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1608, 2011

Dude, that’s my Bud! See!

Check out the new limited edition Budweiser labels. You can write a message on the label with a key or a coin. What a way to pick up a chick! LOL! 

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1508, 2011

Future of Make-Up: Robot Application

Nars introduces their Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner with a futuristic, Gattaca-like promo video. Directed by longtime NARS collaborator Fabien Baron, the video features model Emily Baker getting made over by the robot beautician. It looks […]

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1108, 2011

Aesop’s Beautiful Introduction To New York

We are so impressed with the design, use, re-use, and introduction of Australian skincare brand, Aesop, to NY. What better way to launch the brand in New York than with a kiosk at Grand Central that’s built […]

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1008, 2011

Armed Notebooks by Megawing

Check out these amazing new notebooks by Megawing! Not only is the packaging great, but the notebooks themselves are heavy duty! Magawing is a manufacturer and wholesaler of amazing and sometimes wacky products from a […]

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908, 2011

Win A Trip To Space!

When I saw this, I had to enter! A trip to space! Really? 

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle is proud to announce that is it will be sending someone from the general public into space through our […]

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408, 2011

Old Skool IS the New Cool

Do remember boom boxes? Ghetto blasters? Tape decks? Double tape decks? It’s time to put on the high-tops and bring the party to the stoop! 
Thanks to Japanese contemporaries uniform experiment and LASONiC, in colloboration, they have […]

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308, 2011

BMW Guggenheim Lab (NY)

If you are in New York this month, check out this innovative interactive exploration into the minds and lives of the people in urban areas. This exploration will travel to 9 cities in 6 years, […]

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308, 2011

Art + Hands = Handimals

Today’s inspiration comes from Guido Daniele. Guido is an Italian artist who paints hyper-realistic images.
His canvas, hands. 
To see more of Guido Daniele’s incredible work, please visit his website. Guido Daniele

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2907, 2011

Friday read…

Click the image to read the full report. Enjoy! We’d love to hear your feedback: post it here, on facebook, or tweet us @brandeffervesce.

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2607, 2011

The Future Bike

No chain. Hybrid. Diamond body frame. Smartphone dock. Green thinking.

Designers, Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, have come out with a new concept bike, the INgSOC Hybrid Bike. This hybrid bike features state of the art materials […]

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1907, 2011

Get Juiced Up!

Have you seen the Vitamin water ads in bus shelters? They double as a place to charge your phone! 
Currently only in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Glaceau’s Vitamin Water Energy Bus Shelter integrates […]

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1407, 2011

Tubohotel – Yes, a tube hotel.

This is Mexico’s newest hotel for budget travelers. It located about an hour outside of Mexico City in Tepotzlan. The entire hotel is created by stacking recycled cement cylinders into pyramids. Each cylinder is sealed […]

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1307, 2011

This one is for the animals…(South Africa)

This is a simple, yet visually brilliant campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town for the Volunteer Wildlife Services in rescuing animals from fires. They have replaced the fur and quils of the animal with […]

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1207, 2011

Splitscreen: A Love Story (shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone)

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.
Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011.Director: JW GriffithsProducer: Kurban KassamDirector of Photography: Christopher MoonEditor: Marianne Kuopanportti Sound Design: Mauricio […]

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707, 2011

Fully Functional Porsche 911 Turbo – MADE OF LEGOS!!!

Built by an avid Porsche fan… This is a fully functional Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK scale model made of 3,500 individual blocks amounting to 3.65 kg of LEGO blocks. This model is so detailed it […]

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607, 2011

Check out the new DIGITAL MOLESKINE!!


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507, 2011

Memories in a Bottle…including scents!

The smell of funnel cake…state fair. 
The smell of roasted corn…summertime.
The smell of a particular cologne…dad, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband.
The smell of a particular perfume…mom, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, wife. 
The smell of salty air…summer vacations in the cape as […]

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2306, 2011

Roger Federer Gets a Close Shave by Gillette


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2206, 2011

Crunchy Munchy – Edible Cups

We all want to save the planet: use, reuse, recycle, and compost. Here is a new way to re-use and not waste any anymore cups! Check out Kup: Eatable Cup designed by Smile Park. The […]

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2106, 2011


Murakami has taken over Google today! What nice, happy way to start a search! 


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1606, 2011

Best and Worst Gadgets (History Channel)

What’s do you think is the best and worst gadget?
My best: hair clip. how simple, how genius! yeah, this includes the banana clip!
My worst: flip up sunglasses. ok, they may be useful for some people, […]

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1406, 2011

Are you a “digital bed potato”?

It seems like while watching TV and lying in bed are the places where we connect most on a mobile device. So what does this say about us? Are mobile devices making us “digital bed potatoes”?
By […]

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906, 2011

Today in NY…

This is 9:15 am in NY

This will be 12:00pm in NY

Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney (www.gluesociety.com/)

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806, 2011

5Pointz – Long Island City

5Pointz is one of the most amazing living museums in NY! 5Pointz is a legal graffiti building located in Long Island City, Queens just across from PS1. It has become a mecca for graffiti artists […]

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706, 2011

Digital Life: Today and Tomorrow

Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow from Neo Labels on Vimeo.

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306, 2011

Check Out Toniq-Scopes!

Check it out here! Toniq-Scopes

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206, 2011

What’s the State of Brand Mascots?


Chery’s response to a reader comment regarding the use of mascots. Based on the origina WSJ article.
Read the original WSJ article here: WSJ
Read the response here: PRNewser

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206, 2011

Shocking Purchases of the Past Year

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3105, 2011

Engaging The Consumer in 2020

Check out our new article, Engaging the Consumer in 2020, published in PopSop. 

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3105, 2011

Color Table for the Cities. Sense the Place.

Check out Moleskine’s new global project, Sense the Place, that was officialy paunched in Milan. Students from various schools around the world are asked to take pictures of their […]

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2605, 2011

Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools Solo Exhibit Opens Today at The Whitney

Cory Arcangel is one of the first and foremost hacker-turned-digital artists of his generation. The piece that brought Mr. Arcangel into the spotlight, showcased at the 2004 Whitney Biennial, was a hacked version of the […]

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2605, 2011

JELLYFISH EARPHONES: Otokurage earphones for Elecom

Inspired by jellyfish, these soft jelly ear buds are amazing in design, packaging and color. Otokurage, in Japanese, is a combination of the words ‘oto’ which means sound, and ‘kurage’ means jellyfish. These large silicone […]

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2505, 2011

Pantone Visa Card? Really?

You can shop in color! Is there a color for low interest rates? How about one to curb spending? I guess that would defeat the purpose. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this – […]

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2505, 2011

SPAM – only if it were just canned meat…

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2405, 2011


Check out this Japanese gum called Xylish by Meiji. It is a “Hyper Cool, Sugarless” gum that comes in a few different size packages. This is the desk/office version with a flip top. First of […]

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2405, 2011

Plumen Bulbs

PLUMEN BULB LOOP from Plumen on Vimeo.
Plumen Bulbs are the world’s first low energy bulbs that are designed to be seen. They use 80% less energy than regular bulbs and lasts 8 times longer. Save […]

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2305, 2011

Seeing Color (and Hearing , and Smelling It)

This is a great article about synethesia. Amazing and incredible! Watch the documentary “Boy with the incredible brain” – it’s fascinating! Click the source below to read this article and get the link to the […]

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2005, 2011

I ♥ Infographics!

It’s Friday! Do something fun and nerdy…Google image search “infographics”. You know here at Toniq, we are true believers in the importance of visual communication – so have a little fun, see some cool diagrams […]

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