3003, 2015

Tomorrow Machine Creates Zero Waste Food Packaging

This is the future of packaging. Zero waste is the goal. “This too shall pass” is an examples of how the creative designers behind Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris and […]

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2703, 2015

How You Describe The Sound Of Rain Depends On Where You Are From

It’s all a matter of where you are from. Artist James Chapman, has created a cute illustration that shows us the sounds of rain in various languages, such as Japanese, French and Korean. Being Chinese, but was born […]

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2603, 2015

McDonald’s Launches a ‘Lifestyle Collection’ in Sweden, Goes Global With I’m Lovin’ It, Loses On Branding With Microsite

Big things are happening with McDonald’s, globally.

Does Sweden really love the Big Mac that much? Or this an attempt to reach Swedish millennials. Either way, this is rather creative yet wacky coming from McDonalds. McDonald’s has  launched […]

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2503, 2015

“Color For All” Reminds Us That Seeing Color Is A Gift

This is a touching and heartfelt reminder to those of us who can see color how precious color is in our every day lives. What we may take for granted, people with color blindness may […]

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2403, 2015

Electrolux Sponsors Warhol Halston Exhibit With Pop Art Washers and Dryers

Unlikely sponsor of an art show? Not so for appliance companyElectrolux.Electrolux is sponsoring the latest exhibit at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC entitled Halston & Warhol: Silver & Suede. Running from March 7 […]

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2303, 2015

Future Of Fashion: 3D Printed Swimsuit

Called “Waves,” the one-piece bathing suit looks like something out of a Geiger film set – and that is a sincere compliment. This architectural piece was created by Nadir Gordon who is studying Fashion and Textile Design […]

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2003, 2015

Slinkachu’s Miniaturesque On Show In London

London-based artist Slinkachu is one of my favorite artists. He creates clever portrayals of miniature figurines captured in humorous scenes. His latest exhibition, “Miniaturesque,” opens today 13 March 2015 at Andipa Gallery in London. To give you […]

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1903, 2015

Disney x MAC Can Make You Cinderella

For the Cinderella film, Disney has been on a media blitz. They have even joined hands with makeup giants MAC to create a collection of beauty products inspired by the princess movie. The two companies have […]

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1803, 2015

Blub, A New Way To Watch The Time

Have you ever stared at the clock? It’s usually in boredom or anticipation for something to end. Well, with the Blub, you’ll want to stare at this clock for a while. “Blub is a desk […]

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1703, 2015

Digital Arabesques: Virtual Mosaics In Morocco

Miguel Chevalier’s interactive magic carpets is like being transported into a morphing world of colors, patterns, and light. Digital Arabesques is an installation at the Dar Batha Museum in Fes, Morocco.

Digital Arabesques, organized by the French Institute of Fes, […]

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