Finding your 1-thing…

that’s our thing.

Is your brand sending mixed messages, diluting its effectiveness and your market share?
Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things but not seeing results?

We help brands large and small find the “1 Thing” they can own, to dominate and stand out from the competition. We clear the clutter and get to the heart of what makes a brand great.
The result of our work is a clear focus that speaks directly to the heart of your customer, increasing sales and market share.

3 Brand Mistakes
Costing You Millions

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Awesome! We’re neither. We’re a strategic SWAT team helping you focus on the “1 thing” that will transform your brand from so-so to sensational. Introduce us to your agencies. They’ll be happy to know us!

“Toniq is brilliant at discovering and defining the true voice of a brand.

Their unique approach infuses a new energy into the expression of a brand at every level. Their deep knowledge of social anthropology, symbolism, and global trends has proven invaluable to our company.”

VP, Revlon

Here’s our 1-thing…

Finding the focused, singular essence that sends brand sales soaring is what we’ve done for over 15 years for brands like Pepsi, Kraft, Traditional Medicinals, Colgate Palmolive, Gillette, Jaipur Living, and many more. Big company, medium, or small, our unique range of services can find and bring to life your “1 thing” too.

“Toniq curated outstanding female millennial trends…

…then translated them into insightful positioning that inspires women.”

Director, Innovation Trojan XOXO


We tailor our expertise on every single project so it specifically meets — and exceeds — your needs.


Creating a brand from scratch? We address needs and desires in the marketplace and find new opportunities that are right for the brand. We look at the cultural trends, insights and consumer desires, providing the fuel and information you need to guide your agencies to a successful launch.


If your brand isn’t performing the way you want it to we take an existing brand and shoot it full of vitality. We understand what equities are telling a positive story and what equities are dragging it down. We take the positive equities and tell a more compelling story to the right people.


Many brands don’t fully understand their consumers. This can lead to poor results. We use a variety of tools such as Ethnographies, Shop-Alongs, SuperGroups, and Social Listening to understand your consumers. We create customer personas so you know exactly who you are speaking to and what message will resonate.


If your design isn’t having an impact in the market, it may be because it’s not consistent visually.
When you’re working with many agencies, the brand can get fragmented across touchpoints. Creating a visual brief before design starts will help your agency design for impact.


You can’t create in a vacuum. We use trends to anchor your strategy and give context to it. We’ll look at what’s happening in the next 5 to 10 years and the impact on your brand.


Coming up with a name that fits the product, audience and culture can be challenging. We have our own proprietary process for naming using creative or personality zones that speak to the story we are trying to communicate. We don’t artificially generate names. Names we have created include Gillette Fusion, Venus Sisters, Trojan XOXO, and many more.

Working with us is easy.

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The Top 3 Brand Mistakes Costing You Money

(yes, we’re part of the fix)

We’ve prepared a short PDF showing a simplified version of our process, explaining the importance of unified communications in the brand development cycle…and why miscommunication is hurting your sales more than you might think.

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Team Leaders

Cheryl Swanson

Founder of Toniq, Cheryl’s “1 thing” is anthropology and its application to strategy. She can look at cultural trends, talk with consumers, and unify the common themes, differentiators, and opportunities. This insight takes a brand farther through speaking to the target audience with a clear, emotionally compelling message.

Craig Swanson

As Creative Director, Craig’s “1 thing” is creativity. He uses his background in dramatic writing, music, theatre, and graphic design to translate strategy into creative guideposts that agencies use to bring a brand to life.

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“What impressed me most about the Toniq approach…

…Emotion, Credibility, Logic: the three essential elements to success. Toniq is successful because they are really smart and put their heart into their work.”

Traditional Medicinals

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“Toniq is a star!

Toniq is able to bring valuable and actionable insights re the consumer and their perceptions of our brands that have helped guide our marketing and design efforts.”

Global Design
Lead, ConAgra

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